1b - AKADEMY LEONTES - INTERNET7 Principles of Fencing that Translate to the Business WorldDamien S. Lehfeldt

Financial Services Consultant, Olympic Pentathlon Coach

In a recent article with the New York Times, Trip Advisor CEO Stephen Kaufer briefly glossed over the virtues fencing had instilled in him. “In fencing, you have to think three moves ahead. It turned out to be good training for corporate life,” Kaufer said. While fencing itself was not the central focus of Kaufer’s article, his truthful words spurred my thinking as to ways in which the principles of fencing translate to the world of modern business. Thinking of ways in which fencing inspired me in my (relatively new) career, I came up with a list in which the sport has helped inspire my work ethic and demeanor. I look forward to hearing your thoughts on ways fencing has inspired you off the strip as well.

  1. Ability to overcome adversity– Fencing is a sport in which the athlete…