The Holy Mother of God who stopped the tanks of Nazis at Orchomenos . The vision of the German officer who saved the people from Holocaust

Λιτανεία της εικόνας στον Ορχομενό.

The unique icon of the Virgin Mary is depicted with tanks and Germans is in Skripou at Viotia and hides a strange story. On September 8, 1943 the Italians capitulated and withdrew from the coalition Axis . The Italian army in the town of Livadia exceeded 2,000 soldiers, because that was the basis supply of the occupying forces and the warehouses were full of weaponry . Capitulation found divided the Italian occupation forces in Greece . Those officers who were fascists sought their delivery to the Germans, while the Italian opponents of Hitler , not only delivered, but they joined the forces of EAM and ELAS (Greek partisans) , along with their weapons . German power remained in the city to prevent such a development . With the refusal of the Italians to surrender their weapons , the regional organization of EAM Orchomenou considered that could benefit . That » it urged Greeks to move in Livadia , where there was the reinforcement of the Italian garrison .The Germans , when they learned the intentions of patriots , encircling and disarmed the Italians with Tanks.

The German raid


The men of the Wehrmacht occupied all the hot spots and set up cannons. The Patriots of Orchomenus who had arrived in the meantime at the crossroads of Saint Andrew, unprepared and disorganized as they were, scattered nearby. The Germans continued the chase in order to retaliate, as was the usual tactics. Thus, the German patrols proceeded to arrests and cold performances throughout the city. That same night, dawn Friday, September 10, 1943, a German excerpt found near the church of Our Lady of Skripou. Then the German tanks were immobilized without any one obvious reason.

The officer of the Wehrmacht and the vision of the Virgin Mary

As he recounted the head of the German extract officer Ofman , who led the winding operation, he saw in front of them the Virgin Mary to prevent her body the path of tanks . The figure of the Virgin Mary covered the whole sky to the point that he froze . The German claimed that this vision prevented German troops to reach the monastery . Later, when he saw the image of the Virgin Mary said: « This woman saved you . To the honor and the praise . »

The conqueror who became pilgrim

When the war ended Ofham returned as pilgrim to Our Lady of Skripou , giving the church a picture that he had asked to arrive at the representation of his vision . It is the image of Our Lady coming forward and stop the tanks and the German quote. The same period are the banners – relics , one dedicated to the Assumption of the Virgin and the other with the Miracle of the Blessed Virgin .Every year on 10 September, the German officer came as pilgrim to the temple with his family and followed the procession of the icon to the point he suggested that the Virgin Mary appeared . For this reason the Virgin of Skripou , besides all other dates the feast of the Virgin Mary and celebrates on September 10 at which immobilized tanks . The festival was established in 1944 as a local official holiday. Today the point that the German saw the vision is proskinitari .

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